leyendo vi esto espero q les interese(esta en ingles)

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William dijo:
I've heared many different things about how many players ORE 0.4 can handle. Some said abouut 250, others said 30.

To me it seems so smooth when running it compared to mirage, so I would guess it was somewhere about 100+ at least, even if its a bad computer.

So how many (app.) do you think this ORE version could handle, will it be able to be stronger, or will you leave the way it handles the char alone?

sutunc dijo:
Changing the socket can be both good or bad.. I admit that SocketWrench is not a good solution.. but it is better then directplay or a bad coded winsock control.. Socketwrench is based on the winsock anyway but of course it would be better with some optimization for the game.. Right now we dont plan on making any changes on the socket class of the ORE.. I know some coding mistakes but they have to wait for some time for me to fix them since they have a lower priority at my to do list

Para mas informacion ver aki(texto en ingles)



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:S hasta lo que entendi... william :p dice que el ORE 0.4 usando sockets Socketwrench anda mas lento que usando winsock :p y el mas info es el manual de Socketwrench :p
es ese el punto?


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si leete el manual y vas a entender xq es como q Socketwrench en el manual lo dan como algo revolucionario o como algo q logra mejores resultados o sea mi punto es no habra una forma de hacerlo rendir mejor?
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