CodeLobster v.3.1

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CodeLobster v.3.1

CodeLobster v.3.1 is totally renewed, lots of new features are added. They are: ability to execute scripts, FTP/SFTP support, HTML validator on W3C, Action Script and Python schemes with templates, ad hoc window for bookmarks, easy-to-use file explorer, ability to select browser when previewing files.

  • * Autocomplete for HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript
    * Bookmarks are easily navigated owing to ad hoc window where all of them are grouped by files
    * Case converting for tags and attributes
    * Context help for HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript allows to work with local sources as well as with online references (e.g. local MSDN and for HTML, JavaSript and VBScript; php_manual_en.chm and for PHP; local MSDN and for CSS)
    * Code collapsing like the one in MS Visual Studio for all supported languages including HTML and XML
    * Code comment/uncomment for all supported languages
    * Advanced code formatting allows to put any code in typical order, which is particularly helpful when working with HTML files
    * Conversion of chars to entities and vice versa
    * Conversion of HTML code to ASP, JSP, Perl, PHP functions and back
    * Support of different text encodings and WIN/UNIX/MAC text format
    * Execution of scripts: JavaScript, VBScript and Windows Script Host
    * Easy-to-use file explorer dockable control with FTP/SFTP support and output window
    * Find & Replace combined dialog
    * HTML validator on W3C
    * HTML Tidy tool with output window
    * Macro recording
    * Project Manager enables simple handling of whole projects
    * Quick selection of current block and navigation along it is eminently useful when working with HTML files
    * Spell-checking with English dictionary
    * Supported formats: Text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, C#, Perl, Python, Java/J#, Jsp, XML, XSL, C/C++, SQL, Action Script
    * Templates for all supported file types
    * Transliteration allows to aviod repeated input when you forget to switch keyboard layout
    * Visual style customization: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Office 2003, Visual Studio 2005 and Classic styles

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